Our MISsion

Changing Your Vodka Can Change the World


Our mission is to help low income youth in Oregon gain access to education, a safe place to sleep and eat, and an opportunity to be a part of the community. We pursue this mission through vodka.

Vodka can be a change agent. The proceeds from vodka represent a huge opportunity to help our communities. Over 3 billion liters of vodka are sold every year. In the US alone, vodka accounts for over $6 billion in sales.

Vodka is a staple in many of our favorite cocktails. Whether it’s James Bond’s vesper or a refreshing vodka soda, vodka is the most versatile of spirits.

Vodka is meant to be neutrally flavored and clear. It is there to showcase the other ingredients of the cocktail.

The differences in vodka taste are nuanced. When mixing, the difference in vodka taste is almost non-existent. Once you get past the low filtered, hangover-inducing vodkas to the premium vodkas, most are pretty comparable.

Choose a vodka that offers both great taste and helps your community. Choose Dregs. Drink good. Do good.


Mike Nierengarten