Change Your Vodka. Change the World.

Change Your Vodka. Change the World.


Supporting Oregon charities dedicated to low income youth


Drink Good

Dregs is locally produced in Springfield, OR by the award-winning Swallowtail Distillery. Dregs filters our potato vodka over 60x to create a distinctive vodka perfect for any of your favorite cocktails.


Do Good

Dregs is committed to giving back. 100% of proceeds go to Oregon charities supporting low income youth. Our mission is to help provide opportunity to all children.


Today’s youth.
Tomorrow’s leaders.

Every child deserves a chance. Not every child receives one. Less than 1/3 of children born into poverty will ever make it to middle class. That is simply unacceptable.


Small Changes Can Have a Big Impact

Why do you drink your vodka brand of choice? If you cannot name a good reason or you don’t have a preference, consider making a change. Drink a vodka with a purpose. Drink for the good of the Oregon community. Drink for the good of the next generation. Drink good. Do good.